Saurashtra Fuels has emerged as the leading exporter of metallurgical coke from India. the company has exported more than 500,000 tonnes to various markets in the world. This strong position in the international sea borne trade is due to many factors exclusive to Saurashtra. Its close promity of all its plants to ports , production of 1.4 mtpa and premium quality played important roles in making Saurashtra a major player in the international market.

The company has exporting to Brazil, EU, South Korea, Middle East, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Australia , Africa , Bangladesh. We are in a position to supply various specfication’s and size’s of coke. Having a group shipping & logistics company, We can supply your required tonnage’s either by break bulk or containers.

Coke in Bulk

We can supply up to 35000 metric tonne per order using Mundra and Kandla port. We have the flexibility to export from mundra and kandla port from Gujarat, India.

Coke in Containers

Saurashtra Fuels was India’s first Coke manufacturer to offer this option to various retail customers around the world. Using our in-house container freight station (CFS), we are in a position to supply coke in as small quantities as 20 mt. Our logistic integration enables us to stuff coke in 20ft & 40ft container’s.

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