6 Manufacturing Facilities

We have 6 manufacturing facilities all located in Gujarat, India, with a cumulative capacity of 1.4 MTPA.

Saurashtra Fuels - Mundra Unit

The company’s largest manufacturing facility having a production of 1.04 million tonnes . Located 20 kms from Mundra Port enables it to serve the international sea borne trade of coke

Saurashtra Fuels Pvt. Ltd
Unit 1 - Kutch coal

This manufacturing facility has an annual production of 60k, and is being ramped up to 100k in the near future. This plant is recognized for its modern mechanized systems

Saurashtra Fuels Pvt. Ltd
Unit 2 - Hindustan

Has an installed capacity of 45k, this plant is used as a real time R&D facility. We test new coking coal blends to keep on improving our quality.

Saurashtra Fuels Pvt. Ltd
Unit 3 - Classic

This 46k mtpa plant was acquired in late 2008. This plant produces specific quality for retail customers in the sub- continent and middle east.

Saurashtra Fuels Pvt. Ltd
Unit 4 - Kandla

This plant produces 45k mtpa. Situated in Bhachau, near Kandla Port. This plant is used to produce specific high grade quality coke for our ferro alloy customers.

Saurashtra Fuels Pvt. Ltd
Unit 5 - Porbandar

The first manufacturing unit of the company located in Porbander. This facility produces 200k mtpa of the of high quality LAM Coke. Producing quality coke since 1994.